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We participate in the 5. Mülheimer Nacht, Saturday 29.03.2014! Come and join us for the Moped-Surf-Live-Band „The Okay Men“, some late-night crude mixtapes, live infovisuals as well as a selection of hand-crafted silkscreen prints. CU!   Clopetra by The Okay-Men Moped WM by The Okay-Men   More information on the official site or facebook.  


One Color Silkscreen Print on Paper > 37cm x 50cm limited / 5

Silkscreen Workshop HMKW

silkscreen workshop for the Hochschule für Medien Kommunikation und Wirtschaft. The printed items are done by students. We helped them to print it on shirts and paper


Steps Font Poster, A3 on paper, limited 10